Production Enterprise® in action

Production Enterprise® creates workflow solutions which deliver a holistic package of information encompassing data, analyses results, classifications and associated rationale – with best practice recommendations for follow-on.

The Well Test Validation Workflow example that follows describes a typical application that enables a radical improvement in efficiency and production system oversight, leading to reduced incidents and ultimately increased production.

The Gas Surveillance Workflow example shows how Production Enterprise supports the use of Expert Systems and Intelligent Agents for applications in which timely access to expert advice can make a significant difference to performance e.g. gas lift or ESP optimization.

Production Enterprise® workflows can also be linked together – directly within an enterprise, or externally via a B2B collaboration hub. For more details, see Production Reporting Workflows below.

Well Test Validation Workflow

To help engineers validate well tests in a manner that is efficient and reliable, a Production Enterprise® SharePoint solution can be deployed to support the entire process; from capture of the test results, through to authorization of valid well tests for the determination of production allocation and the calibration of well models.

Production Enterprise® services can be used to automatically collect the results of well tests, assemble associated data for validation, and apply rules to create advisories about the test. Production Enterprise® CasePoint® can be used to configure case based workflows that allow the appropriate validation steps for each of the different types of well to be automatically presented to engineers. Production Enterprise® web parts can be used to configure application pages for engineers and production programmers for each of the validation steps.


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Expert Assist – Gas Lift Surveillance Workflows

Production Enterprise® can be used to create a workflow solution for the optimization of gas lifted wells. Its services can provide the application with data from multiple sources, to run rules to evaluate the possible optimization opportunities that exist, and to guide engineers through the steps appropriate for the different optimization objectives.

Intelligent Agents such as from Intelligent Agent Corporation, can be used to compare aspects of the current behaviour of the well with a knowledge base of typical gaslift behavioural profiles, and to generate advice and parameters for optimization, preconditioning the case handling workflow in accordance with predefined rules. Production Enterprise® CasePoint® enables collaboration with appropriate supervisors for particular problems or can be used to give appointed company subject matter experts oversight and defined roles in the handling of specific classes of cases.


Production Reporting Workflows

Production Enterprise® can be used to create a SharePoint application for operators to co-ordinate the assembly and distribution of production reports – and another SharePoint application for partners to coordinate the processing of reports from multiple operators. For the operator, Production Enterprise® services provide the application with data from multiple sources, the ability to run rules to verify allocations and to guide engineers through the steps required to assemble, annotate and publish the reports.

While for the partner, Production Enterprise® services can collect, consolidate, process and analyse the received reports – and can automatically identify discrepancies between expected and reported results and alert the partner. CasePoint® can then be used to define workflows that coordinate the submission of queries and resolution of discrepancies.