The Digital Oil Field: why more can mean less.

Before the advent of Digital Oil, production, well and reservoir data was a scant resource, and generally only available in sparsely distributed pockets. Over the past decade, the picture has changed completely with the result that as you read this, data is literally streaming in from oil and gas fields. And that’s the problem - an overwhelming overload of data without the automated workflow solutions and integrated tools needed to cope effectively with it.

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The human touch and the difference it makes.

The aim of Production Enterprise® is to take the quality of workflow solutions for production, well, and reservoir management to the next level. With Production Enterprise®, workflows can be designed ground-up around the individual and collective needs of the decision makers and action takers at the heart of the Digital Oil Field. This enables organisations to adopt a systematic, enterprise-wide approach to these solutions - and to make significant improvements to production optimization.

By shifting the IT project workload from development to configuration, deployment lead times and life cycle IT costs can be significantly reduced – and the resulting solutions made inherently more flexible.

Production Enterprise® combines the very latest, forward-thinking IT solutions with a very real understanding of what makes people tick. And that’s what gives Production Enterprise® the human touch.